Dan Duffy Builds Coalitions

I am honored to serve as your State Senator.

When I ran for office four years ago, I promised to work to encourage job growth, fight corruption, and vote against tax increases. Immediately after I was sworn in, the Senate proceeded to impeach former Governor Blagojevich.  My first speech highlighted the fact that the State Senate was also responsible for corruption in Illinois.  I made the point that Dan Duffy familythe Senate had done little to stop the Governors corrupt policies and, in fact, had rewarded him with three large pay raises (click here to listen to the speech).

You elected me to represent you, stand up and speak out – however the Springfield leadership was not happy with my first speech and has been “punishing” me for speaking out ever since.  Legislative leaders have done everything from - moving my parking space and turning off my microphone in Senate committees – to openly ridiculing me on the Senate floor.  These childish, sophomoric tactics will not keep me quiet.  I have continued to speak out against corruption, including questioning the six figure government jobs some legislators are giving to their relatives and friends.  Many of these jobs on state boards and commissions require only one hour of work a month and pay out full taxpayer funded pensions. I have been a strong voice for fiscal discipline arguing against tax increases (click here to see the video) and supporting constitutionally accurate pension reforms (click here to listen).

Whenever possible I build coalitions to move legislation forward, including working with Reverend, Senator James Meeks on the Red Light Camera issue (click here to see the video). The opposition I receive from career politicians and high priced lobbyists in Springfield only strengthens my resolve.  We have a lot more to accomplish in Springfield.  I thank you for your past support and ask that you give me the opportunity to serve you once again.

Dan Duffy

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