Date Headline Source
5/31/12 Senator Duffy Fights for Pension Reform to Bring Jobs Back to Illinois
3/22/11 Illinois pays board members big money St. Louis Post-Dispatch
3/12/10 Quinn ripped for giving jobs to legislators' wives Sun-Times
6/15/09 Red Light Cameras = Big Dollars For Towns By State Senator Dan Duffy
4/16/09 State needs more jobs, not higher taxes By State Senator Dan Duffy
3/26/09 Legislator Essay: Bill would make pay to play donations easy to find
2/10/09 Blago speech gets local freshman lawmaker noticed Daily Herald
3/10/09 Public praise for a quick response Daily Herald
3/24/09 Transcript of what Duffy said Daily Herald
10/23/08 Dan Duffy Endorsed by The Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune
10/28/08 The Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Dan Duffy for State Senate District 26 Chicago Sun-Times
10/21/08 Daily Herald Endorses Dan M. Duffy for State Senate District 26 Daily Herald
Lake County News-Sun Endorses Duffy for State Senate Lake County News-Sun