Pension Reform
“We have an obligation to public employees and taxpayers to reform our pensions.” - Dan Duffy
“Public service should be a duty – not used as an opportunity to get rich.” - Dan Duffy

Economic Growth
“You can not be for job growth and against employers.” – Dan Duffy
Taxes * Level Playing Field * Fiscal Discipline * Spending * Family Friendly Flex Time * Tort Reform

Press Release: Duffy’s economic record earns perfect scores from NFIB, Chamber

“A solid educational foundation for every child is one of my highest priorities.” - Dan Duffy
School Referenda * Bi-lingual Education * Home Schooling * Tuition Tax Credits
Red Light Camera
“Red Light Cameras do NOT improve safety.” – Dan Duffy
“Our children should inherit an unspoiled, clean planet.” – Dan Duffy
Health Care
“It’s time to put politics aside and implement health care solutions that cover more people at a lower cost.” – Dan Duffy
“We are a nation of immigrants and we are a nation of laws. I support legal immigration and I support enforcing our current laws.” - Dan Duffy
Working with others Working With Others
"I will work with anyone to help get Illinois back on track." - Dan Duffy
Transportation & Roads
“With leadership and cooperation, we can improve transportation.” – Dan Duffy
Route 53 Extension
Gas Prices
“Gas prices in Illinois are among the highest in the nation because we are double taxed” - Dan Duffy