Economic Growth


I vehemently oppose tax increases and will do everything I can to reduce the tremendous burden on Illinois taxpayers. High taxes inhibit economic growth while lower taxes spur growth and increase revenue to the State. Over-taxing employers often forces them out of business (or out of our state) hurting employees, families and our community. I support repealing Governor Quinn’s 67% increase of the income tax.

Senator Duffy Debates Against Tax Increase

Sen. Dan Duffy debating against the largest tax increase in Illinois history after 1am in the final hours of a lame duck session. Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Level Playing Field :

I support creating a positive climate for job growth in Illinois for all the companies doing business here. Entrepreneurs and small businesses create 80% of new jobs in Illinois. (For example, Groupon was a small business four years ago.) We must encourage that growth. Our government must not be allowed to pick “winners” and “losers” by giving special tax deals to politically connected companies.

Fiscal Discipline:

Illinois ranks near the top in debt/capita and we have the largest unfunded pension burden in the nation. The financial state of Illinois government is appalling and unacceptable. Our budget process is out-date and shrouded in secrecy and loopholes. We must demand fiscal responsibility and accountability. We need to overhaul Illinois’ current budget process and shine a spotlight on the out-of-control and downright irresponsible spending.

The budget is controlled by the legislative leadership in Springfield and packed with special interest pork projects. Individual legislators are left to vote “yes” or “no” to the omnibus budget rather than scrutinizing individual appropriations.

I propose breaking the budget into numerous bills by topic. Then, each of the budget bills would go through a separate appropriations committee allowing legislators to view all of the budget items line by line before voting on them. This process would make all our legislators accountable for the state’s spending. Also, the budget should be available on the internet so all voters can see where their tax payer dollars are spent.


We do not have a revenue problem in Springfield, we have a spending problem. Our largest financial crisis is the enormous unfunded liability for future pensions of public employees. The governor has “borrowed” money from the pension fund to pay for current operations putting Illinois on a path to bankruptcy. We must “live within our means” and cut the wasteful spending. We should freeze hiring and pay increases, eliminate duplicate programs, and allow no new government programs until our current bills are paid.

Sen. Dan Duffy on Governor's Borrowing Plan

Senator Dan Duffy discusses the Governor's plan to borrow an additional $8.75 Billion dollars. The Governor claimed his past borrowing plans and last month’s tax increase - the largest tax increase in Illinois history - was going to pay off our bills. Now, the Governor has changed his mind and wants more money.

In his new budget Governor Quinn has INCREASED spending by $1.7 Billion dollars and is adding NEW state programs. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road. Click here to watch the video


Family Friendly Flex Time:

To compete in the 21st century and provide more flexibility for families, we should reform Illinois’ antiquated labor laws enacted more than 100 years ago. Those laws prevent employers from negotiating individual work plans with employees. Individual work plans would allow employees to work extra hours one week, and then take time off the following week — without incurring overtime. Current labor laws also limit the ability for employers to allow people to work from home. It’s time to revise labor laws to reflect the way we live and work in this era of advanced technology.

Tort Reform:

Illinois needs serious lawsuit reform. We must do everything we can to end the out-of- control frivolous lawsuits. Every small business in Illinois – no matter how successful – is only one lawsuit away from bankruptcy. Over the past few years, the high cost of medical malpractice insurance has actively driven doctors out of Illinois. I would support caps for pain, suffering and punitive damages. I would also support requirements that would distribute the damages based on percentage responsibility and limit the ability to shop for more favorable legal jurisdictions or judges.