To continue to provide our children with the quality of education they deserve, we need local control of our schools. Downstate legislators should not be dictating how our local schools are run. Springfield should not take our hard earned tax dollars - designated for our local schools - and divert our money to other schools outside our district. We need to make our schools more efficient by minimizing the state mandates on local schools.

School Referenda:

This is a local issue and is best resolved in our local community. The state of Illinois should not get involved. Downstate and Chicago legislators should not decide the fate of our schools. The proponents and opponents of any referendum should make their case with the voters and rely on the wisdom of the people.

Bi-lingual Education:

I support programs that work. I believe these decisions are best made by the educators and parents in their local schools who understand the specific needs of the children in the community. I applaud the efforts of local school districts that implement creative solutions to meet educational challenges.

Home Schooling:

A parent is a child’s first and best teacher. Home schooling should be as free from government intrusion as possible.

Tuition Tax Credits

I support tuition tax credits for parents who send their kids to private schools. Private and parochial schools help relieve the financial burden on our public school system. Private school parents pay real estate taxes yet do not use the public school system. Therefore I believe those parents should at least receive a tuition tax credit as a small incentive.